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Fresh Ears!

Mixing and Mastering your own music can be very frustrating at times trust me I've been there..  after countless hours  of producing, writing and listening to the same song over and over again our ears tend to get numb to it. At this point it's hard to differentiate if a mix is getting better or worse. Also most of the times we tend over think when we are mixing our own tracks. (Facts) When fresh ears listen to the track it's much easier for the mixing engineer to tweak and correct any adjustments that track may need in order to make it sound to its full potential!  -  Let me be your fresh ears! 


* Up to 20 stems: $40
* 20 to 40 stems: $60
*40 to 60 stems: : $99

First time costumers get 50% off on all my services and gear ;) 

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